Collection: Personalized Blankets with Photos - Custom Photo Blankets

Our personalized blankets with photos are a unique gift for kids. Custom face blankets - personalized with your photos, we edit them and cut out your face, so they are placed perfectly on the blanket and on characters in different designs. These cute personalized blankets with your photos are very unique and make the best custom gifts for kids! 

Lots of designs to choose from - family blankets with all your photo faces, even your pet can be on the blanket too! We have personalized princess blankets for girls, with their face on princess bodies and finished off with beautiful crowns. We have transportation blankets for boys, with vehicles like trucks, fire engines, police cars. Check out our personalized pet portrait blankets too, custom blankets with your pet's photo! 
All blankets are FREE SHIPPING and super fast shipping to USA - within 1-2 weeks, making them a great last minute personalized gift idea!