personalized abc children's book with photo and name

Learning letters with our Personalized Children's ABC Book

Help your child learn the alphabet with our Personalized ABC Book

For a child, one of the first steps for becoming a successful reader is learning the alphabet letters. Children should be introduced to the alphabet in a variety of different forms. For example; books, letter magnets, flashcards, letter puzzles, the alphabet song or other songs, etc.
Helping your child learn their letters before they start school helps ensure that they are ahead of the game and prepared to start learning to read. Our personalized ABC book is a great way to help your child get that head start.
Children learn best when they are able to have fun at the same time. Through repetition, children slowly learn to recognize their letters. Our ABC book makes your child the center of attention, allowing them to enjoy themselves and have fun while they learn and practise their alphabet. Kids love to see their face on the characters in the book and want to read it over and over again.
When learning the alphabet, it is recommended that children learn each letter by pairing them up with a word. For example, “A is for Apple.” Using big and vibrant letters paired up with pictures, children can use them as cues for remembering what they’ve learned. This also assists with learning phonetics. Children are able to remind themselves that “P is for Pig, and Presents” and therefore understand what sound a P makes.
In our ABC book’s bright and colourful illustrations, each letter is associated with a different word or character. Your child becomes this character, and eventually they are able to remember that “B is for bumblebee,” because they learned it when seeing themselves as a bumblebee.
Check out our personalized ABC book and start your child on the track towards good literacy skills!
Find out the details and take a peek inside the book on “Your Child’s ABCs” description page.

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