Holiday Gifts - Order Recommendations & Estimates

Get your personalized books and custom gifts in time for Christmas 2021!

Please understand this year, due to the uncertainties with the pandemic and possible production and shipping interruptions, we cannot guarantee any specific delivery dates. However, here are the guidelines for recommended order dates.

Personalized Books to USA - by November 30th 
Personalized Books to Canada - by Dec 1st

Personalized Blankets and wrapping paper to USA - by Dec 10th
Personalized blankets and wrapping paper to Canada - by Dec 1st

For personalized books to USA and Canada after Dec 1st, please order with Express shipping and they may arrive in time. Soft cover books print faster, so for your best chance to receive in time for Christmas, order soft cover with Express shipping. As an estimate, after Dec9th, even this option won't arrive for the holidays.





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