pandemic gifts for kids personalized story books with name and photo

Helping children read more during the pandemic with personalized story books

Books are vital for children during the pandemic. As well as the numerous benefits we all know reading brings, including language development, confidence and communication skills, reading can also be an important escape for many children.
Reading for pleasure can help children temporarily forget about the Covid-19 pandemic. Our personalized children's books can help them escape and see themselves in a new world, a new adventure, a special story. With their face and name throughout the story, custom books provide the perfect escape for them to feel special, confident, excited, and happy. It provides special bonding time for parents and their children, or quiet, independent time by themselves.

personalized story books are the best pandemic gifts for kids

How can we help encourage reading during the pandemic?

How can we help our children get the most out of reading? How can we help them engage more and truly soak up all the wonderful benefits of story time?Here are some tips about talking to children about books:

  • Pay attention to what captures children’s attention and build on their interests. For example, “Oh, you’ve spotted the ...!”.
  • Leave pauses so children can look closely and think. This will lead to comments on the pictures or questions. Respond to their lead and let the book chat flow.
  • Pose open questions to encourage thinking and discussion, such as, “How do you think the boy is feeling?”. Try to avoid closed questions which have a single answer.
  • Encourage children to notice details in illustrations and what they might mean. For example, say “Look! What’s that hiding? What do you think it might be?”.
  • Ask pupils to wonder about what might happen, using phrases such as, “I wonder if/whether/who/why/what …”.
  • Encourage children to make personal connections with stories. Books allow children to empathize with the experiences of fictional characters and enable them to make sense of events in their own lives. Talk about connections by saying, “That reminds me of when…”.
    (With personalized children's story books, this is much easier, as the child can directly become the character in the story. Seeing themselves as the character and with their name in the story makes it much easier for them to imagine and fully engage in the story)
  • Comment on your own feelings when you’re reading. By sharing your emotional response to a character or something that’s happened, children will be encouraged to do the same, helping them engage and learn to express their emotions.
  • Collect books and stories on subjects that spark your child's interests. For example, our "On the Go" story book is the perfect gift for boys who loves cars, trucks, tractors and things that go. Our personalized Princess Book is perfect for girl's who love princesses, fairies, and mermaids.

pandemic gifts for boys personalized story books with name and photo

Personalized Books are the best gifts to give during Covid-19

With all the lockdowns, safety protocols, and restrictions, it makes it very hard to go shopping these days. We aren't able to have as many gatherings, or see the people we love. We cannot experience birthday parties like we used to. Our personalized kids books make the perfect gift to send during the pandemic. Sending gifts through mail is unfortunately not as personal and special as giving in person. This type of personalized gift brings a special and exciting surprise to children (during maybe a 'not so exciting time'). Personalized dedications in the introduction page of the story book let you send a special birthday message to the child. 
Shipping times of 2-3 weeks average makes it easy to plan your gift ahead and feel good about sending that extra special gift. Of course there are possible delays because of disruptions in mail services. Please see our shipping and handling page for more estimates on when your personalized book would be delivered.

We hope your child enjoys reading and stays safe and happy and healthy!!!

pandemic gifts for kids personalized children's abc book
Our personalized ABC Book helps children learn the alphabet.



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